Free text as a selectable feature

A feature that we are releasing is “Free text”. This feature will be selectable in our self-service portal. We have released the new version of Crystal Alarm for iOS and Android which means that Free text is now available for use. This feature means that users can easily add a descriptive text directly in the app. The text will be sent out in association with an alarm being triggered which makes it easier for the alarm receiver to make the right decisions. A descriptive text can for example be what a user’s status or job description is. It can also be where the person is located or what is to be done when this person triggers an alarm. Free text makes it possible to tailor an individual alarm plan which can be beneficial if you for example are located at special job sites. This feature will be available for all of our customers with access to the self-service portal. 

A smart thing to do is to prepare a text by using the microphone. Most iPhone and Android models automatically translate speaking directly to text.