Functionality used

Trigger alarm with phone


Crystal Alarm is automatically installed on all staff's phones. Pressing the ON / OFF button repeatedly activates an immediate alarm.

Timer alarm

For lone work

Used by on-board staff when leaving the train and carrying out work such as switching. When the timer alarm is activated, staff can be followed by the traffic control center. If the timer alarm is not turned off, colleagues and the traffic control center is alerted when it expires.

External remote control

Crystal Button

All staff have access to Crystal Button. A small and easy-to-use remote control. Wit the device, which is using Bluetooth technology, users can activate and alarm on the phone with a single press. Crystal Button is designed to prevent false alarms.

Custom functionality

Handicap toilet alarm

The alarms on the handicap toilets on the X2000 trains goes directly to Crystal Alarm. The alarms are sent to everyone working on board the particular train. If on board personell are unable to stop the alarm, it is automatically escalated to the traffic control center.

Software for alarm central

At the traffic control center

The traffic control center receives all the alarms at their control rooms in Stockholm and Gothenburg. If there is a problem with the connection in one of the control rooms, all alarms are automatically prioritized to the other room.

Everyone on the same train are linked

Alarm to colleagues

All alarms are also sent directly to all colleagues on the same train. This allows the exposed person to get help faster. The link is made through an integration against SJ's planning system.


With the phone's GPS

The staff on the traffic control center and the colleagues can see which train the person is currently assigned to, they can also see the position which can be displayed on a map.


Easy to assess the situation

When someone triggers an alarm, the phone's microphone automatically activates and allows the traffic control center to listen in on the background sound. The function is a great help in assessing what action is required.

Some references at SJ (Swedish Railroad)

Crystal Alarm is extremely capable of handling complex integrations and rules. As well as creating systems with extremely high availability and reliability, without sacrificing development speed. (Text translated from Swedish)


Göran Linné

IT Development

The personal alarm works very well for us. Historically, we have had a lot of false alarms, but with the introduction of dedicated alarm buttons, the false alarms has decreased significantly. Our staff also feel more secure with the new alarm method. Crystal Alarm is helpful and helps exemplarily in all the issues and challenges that appear. I highly recommend the Crystal Alarm. (Text translated from Swedish)


Anders Edgren


Real-life situation The train was on its way to Stockholm from Malmö and at the height of Hässleholm, there was a fight on board when two people were rejected without a ticket. One SJ staff felt so threatened that she pushed her Crystal Button. The alarm worked like clockwork, the system worked fully with positioning, emergency call to emergency telephone and SMS to other staff. Our own alarm routines worked and we executed the entire alarm chain. Police arrived at the station in Hässleholm in 6-7 minutes and we had direct contact with the Police's central in the South while we were listening to the person who triggered the alarm. (Text translated from Swedish)

Mattias Wallsten

Mattias Wallsten

SJ Traffic Control, Operational Personal Planner